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John Lee Katsumoto Katana

Product No.: 0106857170
0106857170 John Lee Katsumoto Katana

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John Lee Katsumoto Katana John Lee Katsumoto Katana John Lee Katsumoto Katana

John Lee Katsumoto Katana

Masterpiece of Asian forging

- The blade is hand-forged from 1095 Carbon steel (not stainless)
- Hon-Samrei cross-section
- To reduce weight the sharpened blade includes a fuller (Bo-Hi)
- Traditionally differentially hardened blade as a result of clay applied during 
   the cooling process with an original, beautiful Hamon-line
- Suitable to cutting practice, 60 HRC at the ha and 40 HRC at the mune
- Tsuba made of iron with Samurai-motif
- The hilt (Tsuba) is made of wood and completed with original blackened ray-skin (Same)
- The tight hilt-wrapping from black cotton has been done in tradional Katate-Maki-style
- Habaki from brass
- The handle-end is particularly long and fastened to the hilt with 2 pins of bamboo (Mekugi)
- The sheath (Saya) is made of wood, decorated with an high-quality Sageo (wrapping)
- The ends (Koiguchi, Kurigata und Kojiri) are made of buffalo horn
- Manufacturing followed examples of museums 

Hosokawa Katsumoto (1430 - 1473) was an important governor of the Shogun
in the 15th Century and a central figure in the Japanese Onin-War.
With more than 80.000 soldiers he fought against his father-in-law
in the former capital Kyoto. After ten years of war Kyoto was destroyed,
while none of them could claim victory for themselves.

Hand-forged in Hon-Samrei-style, one of the most complex forging methods,
the blade consists of three differently hardened areas. The blade is made of
hardened 1095 carbon steel, the flanks of less hardened 1065 carbon steel
and the heart of softer low-carbon steel.
A traditional differential hardening as a result of applied clay refines
the blade and creates an extraordinary beautiful Hamon-line

Blade length to Tsuba: approx. 77 cm
Total length without scabbard: approx. 109.5 cm
Hilt length: approx. 32 cm
Blade curving (Sori) approx. 27 mm
Weight without scabbard: approx. 1200 g
Weight with scabbard: approx. 1500 g

Each sword will be delivered with a certificate and a seal,
which guarantees the originality. Each sword has a cloth cover,
a high-class collector’s box of wood and a highly-polished
felt-carpeted stand.

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We do not sell this product to customers under the age of 18.
Please mention your  date of birth when order. We also need a
copy of your ID-card or passport by email, scan, fax or mail.

Shipping weight: 2.00 kg

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