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Rune Ring, bronze

Product No.: 1404130500
1404130500 Rune Ring, bronze

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Rune Ring, bronze
Rune Ring, bronze

This rune ring is made of bronze. Runes represent the laws of universe.

This ring is available in various sizes.

How to define ring sizes

In Germany, two different parameters are used: the inner diameter and the inner circumference.

Please note that you should imperatively determine your optimum ring size before each purchase!

Defining the inner diameter of rings:
The easiest way is to measure a well-fitting ring of yours by determining the diameter manually. In order to do so, just place the ring on a measuring tape or a ruler. Ideally, you own a calliper. The inner diameter in mm corresponds to your ring size.

Defining the inner circumference of rings:
The finger circumference corresponds to the inner circumference. This method allows a much more accurate measurement than the inner diameter. To define the optimum ring size without resorting to an existing ring, measure the circumference of your finger by wrapping a piece of thread or cord around it, at the exact position you wish to wear the ring. You can also use a piece of paper, wrap it tightly around the chosen finger, make a mark where the paper strip ends and finally measure its length up to the mark (in mm). This value corresponds to the inner circumference of the ring.

Please also note:
Only take the measurements of the finger you wish to wear the ring on. The circumference of the fingers of your left and of your right hand may differ considerably.
As the ring sizes vary in the course of time, please check if the "old" size is still applicable.
Your ring size also varies throughout the day. Fingers are often thicker in the evening than in the morning.
Your ring size may also change over the course of life, e.g. after pregnancies, diets or illnesses. Ring measurements which were taken in the past should preferably not be trusted.
Even the seasons may have an influence on the finger circumference. Unlike in the winter, fingers tend to swell in the summer months - the higher the temperature, the thicker the fingers.
For an optimum wearing comfort, broad rings should be ordered in a bigger size than for narrow rings.

Ring size
Inner diameter
Ring size
Inner circumference
14 44
15 47
16 49
16.5 51
17 53
18 55
18.5 57
19 59
20 61
20.5 63
21 65
21.5 67
22 69
23 71

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