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DVD Arthurian Legends - Merlin

Product No.: 2258301237
2258301237 DVD Arthurian Legends - Merlin

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DVD Arthurian Legends - Merlin
DVD Arthurian Legends - Merlin

A tall pointy hat, long grey bread and flowing robes are the trademarks of what
most envisage the benevolent and worldly wizard Merlin to have been like. With
an eager young Arthur by his side, Merlin has taken on the guise of teacher,
advisor and father figure to the young King but history paints the mysterious
sorcerer in much murkier colours. Ironically, there is more evidence to support
the existence of Merlin than there is for Arthur, but the evidence points to a holy
man from demonic parentage or a wild man of the woods rather than a kindly old
magician. Using new evidence, historical text and expert analysis this DVD
attempts to separate myth from reality and identify the true origins and life
of the most famous of wizards.

Length: 50 mins

Language: English Diese DVD ist nur in englischer Sprache erhältlich.

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