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Baldachin 6 x 6

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6894160000 Baldachin 6 x 6

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Baldachin 6 x 6

Baldachin 6 x 6 m 

This solid and authentic medieval baldachin offers enough space for any purpose. You may use it as a medieval marketstall, for sun- or rain-protection, or as a camp- or party-tent. With its abundant ground area of 36sqm it offersenough space for about 20 people. An eye-catching pelmet is running round the outside. You’ll build up anddemount this tent in next to no time. All over the tent you’ll find sufficient headroom by means of the highside-poles and the enormous central height of more than 4.40m.

The tent fabric is made from 100% cotton in a special way to make it extremely tear-resistant and nearly completelywaterproof.

- Size: approx. 6.00m x 6.00m
- Central height: approx. 4.40m
- Sidewalls: approx. 2.00m

- Fabric: approx. 360 gsm (g/ sqm), impregnated against, water, mould and rot
- Weight: approx. 31 kg

The baldachin consists of a roof, ropes  and tent pegs.

The divisible wooden central pole and side poles from spruce wood are available separately:

Set of Wooden Poles for Baldachin 6 x 6 m

Unseren Baldachin gibt es in verschiedenen Ausführungen:
- naturalfarben
- naturfarben mit farbigen Schabracken
- naturfarben + 1 Farbe nach Wahl
- zweifarbig

Bitte im Kommentar Deine Wunschfarben angeben.
Folgende Farben sind wählbar:
- natur
- rot
- gelb
- grün
- blau
- schwarz

Important information for assembling, handling and care of our historical tents

By considering the following advices your enjoyment with the Viking tents, Roman tents, Saxon tents, Knightstents, medieval tents or medieval stalls will last long time.

Building up the tent is easy to do, fast and stress-free by means of the loop system. It’s possible to adjustthe poles to your needs. Please take care that the roof’s corner is connected to the peg by the rope and the pegis aligned with the corner or the loop. Please don’t stretch the ropes toobadly. Natural materials like cotton or wood need space for expanding or contracting depending on air humidity. So you may avoid e.g. the roof’s poles expanding and water possibly soaking in.We suggest slackening the ropes inthe evening, for air humidity is increasing at night so that excessive pressure weighs heavily on your tent. Pleaseslacken the ropes if it’s raining, too.
Start building up the side wall with the tent opening side. The walls should not touch the ground (except of tentscontaining a groundsheet) to protect the tent against humidity and mould. We strongly advise drying the tent after use.The wooden poles should never be wrapped in plastic sheets or something similar. A cotton cloth is completelysufficient if the poles are dry. Don’t use chemical or other cleansers.  Dried out dirt should be removed bya brush. If you don’t need your tent for a longer period you should separate all items from the tarpaulin andpack them separately. Take care that all parts are dry and are stored dryly.

Are there any questions left concerning the building up or use of your tents? Don’t hesitate to call or writea letter. We would be pleased to help you.



Shipping weight: 34.00 kg

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