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Hoernecke TW1000 Pepper Contra Dog, 30 ml

Product No.: 2041814733
2041814733 Hoernecke TW1000 Pepper Contra Dog, 30 ml

6,95 EUR

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Hoernecke TW1000 Pepper Contra Dog, 30 ml

Hoernecke TW1000 Contra Dog, Animal Repellent Pepper Spray, 30 ml

Discounted remainder: Now only EUR 6.95 instead of EUR 9.95!
Maximum effect with minimal risk to humans and the environment.
TW1000 peppersprays by HOERNECKE contain the environmental harmless and fully
biodegradable pepper extract Oleoresin Capsicum (OC). The active ingredient is
extracted from the hottest chilli peppers and leads to immediate irritation of
eyes and respiratory system and thereby incapacitating the attacker.

The handy shape make it in any bag. The hand clip allows you to carry the can
on your belt, thus keeping it readily available at all times.

In Germany, pepper spray is an animal repellent. Intentional use on humans is

The TW1000 defensive spray is solely designed to keep animals at bay and is
labelled accordingly, as required by German law. It is therefore freely available
without restrictions or proof of age. In other countries, legal provisions in this
regard may differ depending on individual state legislation, allowing the use of pepper
sprays on humans as a general rule or banning them altogether.

- Capacity: 30 ml
- Price per 100 ml: 23.17 EUR
- Active substance: approx. 11% oleoresin capsicum (OC)
- Spraying range up to approx. 3 m
- best before 06.2019

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